Twenty seven hours in transit and we finally made it home. Vegemite on toast and a cup of tea, followed by a shower, and we were pretty much human again. Now I’ve had a decent sleep and life can begin to return to normal.

Just to follow up on my last post I did watch a few more movies on the last leg of the trip. I watched Paranormal Activity, which should have been good, had lots of potential, but was actually boring as batshit.

Then I watched The Book Of Eli. I was suspicious from the outset that this flick was going to be a bit of Christian propoganda, even though I knew very little about it. I had no idea, however, just how awful it was going to be. Truly, this movie is possibly the crappiest thing I’ve seen all year. The war started over Bibles? Then “they” destroyed all the bibles after the war? Who are they? I thought everyone that survived was scratching out survival from the nuked ruins. And only one bible survived? And it turns out (spoiler) to be a brail one and Denzel has been blind all along? Oh man, there was SO much wrong with this movie it’s hard to know where to start. How about this for one example – Eli has been heading west for 30 years. 30 YEARS!? Even if he only walked 500 metres a day, that’s nearly five and a half million metres. That’s 54 thousand kilometres. That’s New York to San Francisco more than ten times. Seriously, what a shitty, shitty film.

Then I watched Wild Target, which was an assassin caper and bloody brilliant. Very funny, excellent writing, superb acting. A great tonic after the Shit Of Eli.

And now I’m home. So I’ll stop going on about films on planes and get back to my normal blogging routine soon. It’s good to be back.