A new reader review has appeared on the Amazon page for MageSign which is very nice to read. It’s not only a good review (which is always welcome) but also gets a good grip on the concept behind the book. I like reviews like this one – short and sweet, that really nail the ideas. I also like anything says I articulate uncompromising violence. This is the review:

In a clever yet bloody tradition, Alan Baxter has delivered a gripping sequel to his debut title ‘RealmShift’. Founding a refreshing approach to the concepts of religion and spirituality, Alan articulates an elegant belief system through passages containing stylish characters, attitude and uncompromising violence. Throughout the novel’s trademark blood-spilling resonates a theme of timelessness, equality and freedom of choice. Alan’s writing style contrasts these elements to produce a unique world and immerse the reader in what is a fast paced action novel that creeps uncomfortably close to reality for the reader.

It’s interesting that this is the first review for MageSign to appear on Amazon. RealmShift has numerous reviews and, while MageSign is selling well there, no one else has come back to review it yet. If you’ve read MageSign and feel inclined to leave a review, please do!