For any of you out there who enjoy the books I co-write with David Wood, I have some good news. The third Jake Crowley book is up for pre-order now. It’s called REVENANT. After the events of Anubis Key, Jake and Rose Black decide to take their time heading back to England, and have a road trip ending up in New York City to visit Jake’s Great Aunt. But we all know that Jake and Rose can’t stay out of trouble for long. Here’s the official blurb:

Archaeologists excavating a mass grave in a historic New York City cemetery make a gruesome discovery: stacked like cord wood are skeletal remains going back decades, but all have one thing in common. Each skull bears a hole in the exact same location. When their friend is murdered investigating this bizarre discovery, Jake Crowley and Rose Black set off in search of the killer. Their path will take them to abandoned hospitals, hidden chambers, and into the depths of the strange world that lies beneath New York City in search of Edgar Allan Poe’s secret journal.

An occult murder mystery wrapped in an action-packed thriller!

We had a lot of fun writing this book and it was cool to have a whole story set in the one city. For all the years that Dave and I have been working together, we’d never actually met in the flesh. Until last year when we hung out together for a while in New York City and researched the locations for this story. Pre-orders really help a book gain momentum on release, so please do jump on if you’re keen. The official release is only 5 days away on the 15th July, so you don’t have long to wait. All the various stores can be found here.

We’ve also had the jackets tweaked to make a fine looking matching set now there’s three books in the series. (They look great, huh? Click for a bigger picture.)

And there will be more Jake Crowley, but I think we’re going to work on a new Sam Aston book next. And don’t forget, my second collection of short stories, SERVED COLD, is out in September, so I’m staying busy.

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