I’m very close to The End of this book. And that means I’m very close to the end of a trilogy. The first two books are with my agent, and this third will go to her too once it’s polished up all nice and shiny. But I have that last leg to go, that final careening drop into the big climax and the finish line. It’s daunting, because here’s where I tie up not one, but three novels. This one has to finish well, but it’s also the final finishing point of the previous two. Each book is a standalone story, but there’s an over-riding arc that starts with chapter one of book one and finishes with the final chapter of this book I’m supposed to be writing right now. Sometimes the self-doubt starts scratching at your hindbrain, like a demon cat trying to get through the screen door at night. I have to ignore that shit and get this thing done. I know my beta readers and my agent will give me honest feedback and help me polish it into a gem, no matter how much work that might require. But first and foremost, I have to get it written. That first draft has to be there before anything else. So I made myself  a little reminder. Feel free to use it yourself. Nothing else matters until this part happens.