A week or so ago I posted that MageSign, the sequel to RealmShift, was on the way. I wasn’t lying. I also promised a sneak peek at the cover of MageSign and the re-issue of RealmShift. True to my word, here they are:

The artwork on the covers is pretty special. The crystal skull on RealmShift is by an artist called Donn Salt and the knife on MageSign is a custom knife by a very talented knife maker called John Jensen. Both these guys very kindly gave me permission to use these images. Thanks guys!

Another good review has come in for MageSign too, from author David Wood:

Return to a dark realm of speculative fiction. Alan Baxter follows up his dark fantasy thriller RealmShift with another foray into a dark world of demons and danger in MageSign. Isiah, the immortal hero of RealmShift, returns to apply his special talents to counter the threat of Ordo Novus Cruor, minions of the Sorcerer Dominus, adherents of the god Yath-vados. A dark birth sets the scene for a gritty tale of blood rituals, mystery, and mysticism.

In Isiah, Baxter has crafted a memorable character due to his unique gifts, his toughness, and his attitude. It’s not often you read a book in which the main character comes face-to-face with Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad and casually refers to them as “morbid bastards.’ Isiah is joined by Petra, another tough, quirky character who adds color and depth to the story line. Baxter’s knowledge of martial arts comes through as well in masterful fight scenes. Underpinning the entire story is Baxter’s unique, if controversial take on spirituality and the nature of gods and reality. MageSign grabs hold of the reader and doesn’t let go. If you like your fantasy dark and dirty, this book is for you.

That’s right, folks – this book is for you.

Keep an eye on the blog here and I’ll let you know when it’s available to buy. Thanks for your ongoing patience!