I am extremely pleased to announce that my dark fantasy thriller novels, RealmShift and MageSign, have been acquired by Gryphonwood Press in the US. This marks a move from the books being indie published through my own press to being “traditionally” published by a small press in the US that is really going places. They have some great authors and books available, so check them out.

Apart from joining a great stable of authors, I’ll also be eligible to apply for membership of the International Thriller Writers group, as Gryphonwood Press is one of their recognised markets. Interesting turn of events for this little dark spec fic writer.

I’m currently working on re-editing both books for release on April 27th. The books will be taken off the Blade Red Press roster, but there are still some copies available from the short print run that was done here in Australia. Gryphonwood are happy for me to sell those on until the stock is sold out. I’ll be running a special offer on those to coincide with the April 27th Gryphonwood release.

So yeah, can I get a “Woo” with a big old “HOO”?