It’s been a long time coming and for that I apologise. But the news is good. I am very pleased to announce that the new edition of RealmShift and the new sequel, MageSign, are now both available here in Australia direct from my indie publisher, Blade Red Press.


The books are AU$18.95 each and, if you buy both together, they’ll be shipped for free to anywhere in Australia. You can’t argue with a deal like that. Well, you could, but that would make you a tightarse. For international sales, your local Amazon store is still your best bet and don’t forget the ebook version of RealmShift is available from for US$3.50.

So many options. But seriously, the print versions of these two books look great on the shelf next to each other. No collection would be complete without them.

I’ll be getting stock out to the friendly indie bookstores as soon as possible, but you’ll save momney buying direct from Blade Red. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or email direct to [email protected] with your purchase enquiry.

And whether you buy or not, there’s a big favour that you can all do for me and it costs nothing. Help me spread the word. Without the massive marketing engines (and accompanying budgets) of the big publishing houses, the hardest part of all this is letting people know that the books exist. Tell your friends, family, work colleagues, people that walk by too slowly in the street, anyone at all. Direct them to this post or to the Blade Red website and ask them to spread the word too. With or without a big budget, the single most powerful tool out there is word of mouth.

So thanks in advance for buying and/or spreading the word. It means a great deal to me.