Yet another update on the RealmShift and MageSign situation. Both the books have been available on Amazon for a few weeks now. RealmShift is here and MageSign is here. You can also search for them on and all those other good online places. So the people in the US, the UK and elsewhere all have access to the books for a good price. (Free shipping if you buy them both together! Click on the book titles in the Navigation panel on the left for direct links to more info.)

But you patient people here in Australia have been either paying excessive exchange rates and shipping or waiting patiently for the Australian editions. I’m pleased to tell you that the Australian editions are on the way. Probably not in time for Christmas after all, but very soon after. I’ll certainly let you know when and you can order them directly from the Blade Red Press website. It’ll be cheque or bank deposit to start with, but we’re working on setting up a PayPal e-store too.

So watch this space and thanks for your patience. Think of it as a present to help you get over the fact that Christmas is done with for another year. Or perhaps a gift to yourself in celebration of that fact.