Bob KuhnThis is some very exciting news. Worldcon this year is in Reno, Nevada. I’m rather disappointed that I can’t be there, as I love cons and would go to them all if I could afford it. But, even though I can’t be there, my work can. Bob Kuhn, aka Tolkien’s Dragon, will be reading excerpts from my novels, along with a bunch of other Aussie and Kiwi spec fic authors, whose company I’m honoured to share. Bob has a couple of reading slots reserved and he’s generously offered to showcase Antipodean SF in those readings. Check out the kind of talent Reno will be exposed to – Harper Voyager authors Fiona McIntosh, Mary Victoria, Kim Falconer, Nicole Murphy and Helen Lowe, and cheeky ring-ins Angela Slatter, Lisa Hannett and myself. Possibly even more yet to be determined.

It makes me breathe a little fast just to be in a sentence with names like that, let alone have my work read among theirs by a talent like Bob. Here’s the annoucement on the Voyager Blog.

I got to share a reading with Helen Lowe at last year’s Worldcon in Melbourne, which was great fun. The only thing I can think of that would be better than reading my work to a room full of people at a Worldcon is having a professional voice artist do it for me!

So, if you’re going to Reno for Worldcon, be sure to check out some great Aussie and Kiwi spec fic, read by Bob. You can get an idea of his great reading voice by listening to some sample recordings on his website here.