Every once in a while readers send me emails. Usually they’re things like, “You’re going to burn in Hell!” The more polite ones are like that anyway. However, every once in a while I get a nice email from someone entering more into the whole spirit of things.

A while ago I posted a piece about the Washington Post Neologism Contest. You can read the original post here. Word reader Susan Higgins, from Yarmouth, ME (which is somewhere in America, I presume), sent me this email today:

In keeping in the spirit of the annual Washington Post neologism contest, where you can only change one letter to create a new word or phrase, a few friends of mine and I put together a few words and phrases for the holidays we thought you might enjoy:

Mustletoe: the act of wrenching onesself away from an unwanted kisser under the hanging white berries.

Stocking Stiffers: cheap presents of relatively large size that make Christmas stockings look abundantly full.

Black Holy: The place where the tape and scissors magically disappear into when wrapping Christmas presents.

Jingle Bills: the sound of the credit card companies calling on your telephone after the holidays.

Thanks Susan and friends.

So keep those emails coming, even the damnation assurances from religious fundamentalists; I actually find those ones among the funniest. I’m always happy to share your thoughts and words here, and you can leave comments on any post as well.