Interestingly enough, after mentioning this in my previous post just minutes ago, it’s now official. My serial novella, Ghost Of The Black: A ‘Verse Full Of Scum, is now available in print from Amazon.

I originally posted this story in weekly episodes right here on my website throughout 2008. It’s still available here for nothing on the Serial Fiction page. I then released the ebook version through Smashwords, which made the whole novella downloadable as a single volume in a variety of ebook formats (including Kindle compatible .mobi and so on.) You can still get that version from Smashwords for US$0.99c here.

However, several people have asked me if a print version was going to be made available. Well, what’s the point in running a small press if you don’t pimp your own goods? So I’ve made a hard copy of the story available. It’s a 30,000 word (roughly) sci-fi novella that follows a bounty hunter called Ghost as he tries to track down a rogue, murderous magic user. It’s got a noirish vibe and blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy and religious themes. Buy a copy now, and buy copies for your friends and family. Spread the word. It’s just US$7.99 from and £4.99 from The UK version is still waiting for the cover image to upload, but the book is available anyway.

Can you do me a huge favour if you’ve already read this story? Drop in to your local Amazon and give it a star rating and/or review? I’d be very grateful if you did.

And actually, while I’m pimping stuff, don’t forget that my dark fantasy novels RealmShift and MageSign are now available from Gryphonwood Press, also easy to get via Amazon. Click on any book covers at the top or sidebar here to get all the purchase links, previews, reviews and so on.