I was recently invited to become a contributing writer over at the group blog, Publishing Renaissance. To give you an idea of what they’re all about, there’s this from the site:

We are a group of indie writers putting our work out into the world and trying to navigate the web, social media, and all the new opportunities available. Each of us has a different perspective on what it means to be indie, why we’re indie, and the unique challenges that indie publishers face.

What we share in common is a desire for community with other indies, and a goal toward raising the quality of the work put out by indies.

I was honoured to be asked and happy to jump on board. I’ll be posting over there infrequently but as often as possible. My first post is just an introduction about myself and my writing and publishing experience. Maybe nothing new to regular readers here, but maybe you’ll learn something that you can use against me in some future court drama. You just never know.

Here’s my introductory PubRen post. Have a look around the site as there’s some really interesting stuff there.