Remember that Catholic nutter George Pell threatening MPs with “consequences” if they backed a stem cell bill recently? Here’s the post from June 6th. Well, Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has requested a privileges committee investigation into Pell’s comments in order to determine if his they amount to contempt of Parliament. A very fair request in this supposedly secular land with a separation of church and state.

Well, in a statement of breathtaking hypocrisy that would be funny if he wasn’t serious, Pell has claimed, “There is a whiff of Stalinism or perhaps only of Henry VIII in her attempt to use this referral as a warning to me.” Pell accusing the government of using anachronistic threats as a warning? No blacker pot ever pointed its finger at a kettle.

I suppose one small upside of all this is that the whole debacle descends ever faster into the realm of unrecoverable farce, where it truly belongs.