I’m a huge fan of short fiction podcasts. I think it’s an excellent way to enjoy stories and I regularly listen to several different audio magazines, usually while driving or mowing the grass. I’m very pleased that a few of my own stories have been podcast, so I’ve made this page to link to them. After my own stories, I’ll also post links to my favourite short fiction podcasts.

And don’t forget that my novels RealmShift and MageSign, and the short novel I wrote with David Wood, Dark Rite, are available as audio books from Audible.com – click on the book covers to left to find out more about those.

My short fiction in podcast form:


My only (so far) vampire story, which was published in the Dead Red Heart anthology from Ticonderoga Publications in 2011. It also got an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year #4 (Night Shade Books 2012) and was on the Recommended Reading List, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, 2011 (ed. Liz Grzyb & Talie Helene, Ticonderoga Publications). Now podcast by those wonderful folk at Tales To Terrify and read by Ashley Storrie.


A story about the dangers of using magic you don’t understand. Originally published in Murky Depths#16, now podcast by Tales To Terrify, wonderfully read by Matt Cowens.


A twisty, weird story I co-wrote with Felicity Dowker for the Damnation & Dames anthology, podcast by those wonderful people at Tales To Terrify, read by Dan Rabarts. The story required the coining of the term “paranoirmal”. The anthology is great, available from Ticonderoga Publications here. You can find the podcast here:

A very Australian horror story about a young man who buys a new house on some less that vacant land. Originally published in the anthology Winds of Change from CSFG Publishing. Podcast by Tales To Terrify and narrated by Graeme Dunlop.

A deep space story featuring a couple of hapless starship cleaners having a very bad day. Originally published in the anthology Anywhere But Earth, from Coeur De Lion Publications (ed. Keith Stevenson), it’s podcast here by Starship Sofa, narrated by Nikolle Doolin.

A weird western ghost story about a young man on a quest for vengeance, that might be more complicated than he realises. Originally published at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, it’s podcast here by Tales To Terrify, narrated by Stephen Kilpatrick.

A young priest in an outback Australian town is perhaps not as holy as he appears in this story originally published by Dark Prints Press in the anthology, The One That Got Away. This podcast is by those great people at Crime City Central, read by Bob Neufeld.

A young woman discovers after her father’s death that the old man owned seven garages the family knew nothing about. On investigating these strange holdings, the woman and her husband uncover even stranger activities. This story was a podcast original at my favourite of all audio magazines, Pseudopod, so I’m very happy to have a story with them. It was released in episode 242, read by Graeme Dunlop.

In a post-apocalyptic Australian outback, a man, a dog and a mysterious piece of alien technology are wandering the desert. Anyone else would destroy the tech and eat the dog, but Declan has a plan. This story was co-winner of the 2011 Wily Writers Short Story contest and is published and podcast by them. The link above leads directly to the site where you can read the story or download the podcast. I’d highly recommend the podcast as the voice actor, Philip Pickard, does a wonderful job.

A short story published in Volume 1, Issue 4 of The Oddville Press that the editor called “an existential delight”. A bit more light hearted than my usual fare. I was invited to read this story for the Outlandish Voices podcast, which is where this link will take you.

A short story featuring Isiah, the powerful immortal protagonist in my novels RealmShift and MageSign, doing the dirty work of the Balance once again. An abridged version of this story was published in the Infinitas newsletter many moons ago. The full version was then published and podcast by Wily Writers. Follow the link above to read either the text version or have someone read it to you as a podcast (it’s 24 minutes long).


My favourite short fiction magazine podcasts:

There are many great fiction podcasts out there, and I’m sure I don’t know many of them, but these are ones I subscribe to.

Pseudopod – my favourite podcast, always great horror fiction. The horror podcast by Escape Artists.

Escape Pod – science fiction stories, sister podcast to Pseudopod and PodCastle. The science fiction podcast by Escape Artists.

PodCastle – fantasy stories, the third of the Escape Artist podcasts.

Wily Writers – both text and podcast stories across the range of speculative fiction.

Drabblecast – strange stories by strange authors for strange listeners, like yourself.

Tales To Terrify – Fantastic horror podcast, part of the District of Wonders.

Starship Sofa – Science Fiction stories, part of the District Of Wonders.

Crime City Central – the Crime fiction branch of the District Of Wonders.

Protecting Project Pulp – the Pulp fiction branch of the District Of Wonders.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – literary adventure fantasy.

Dark Fiction Magazine – exactly what it says on the tin.

Nightmare Magazine – horror stories from John Joseph Adams’ Nightmare magazine.

Lightspeed Magazine – fantasy and science fiction stories from John Joseph Adams’ Lightspeed magazine.