My favourite short fiction magazine podcasts:

There are many great fiction podcasts out there, and I’m sure I don’t know all of them, but these are ones I subscribe to.

Pseudopod – my favourite podcast, always great horror fiction. The horror podcast by Escape Artists.

Escape Pod – science fiction stories, sister podcast to Pseudopod and PodCastle. The science fiction podcast by Escape Artists.

PodCastle – fantasy stories, the third of the Escape Artist podcasts.

Wily Writers – both text and podcast stories across the range of speculative fiction.

Drabblecast – strange stories by strange authors for strange listeners, like yourself.

Tales To Terrify – Fantastic horror podcast, part of the District of Wonders.

Starship Sofa – Science Fiction stories, part of the District Of Wonders.

Crime City Central – the Crime fiction branch of the District Of Wonders.

Protecting Project Pulp – the Pulp fiction branch of the District Of Wonders.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – literary adventure fantasy.

Dark Fiction Magazine – exactly what it says on the tin.

Nightmare Magazine – horror stories from John Joseph Adams’ Nightmare magazine.

Lightspeed Magazine – fantasy and science fiction stories from John Joseph Adams’ Lightspeed magazine.