Any regular readers here will know that I occasionally indulge in a bit of Friday Flash. It’s basically a community of writers that put together a flash fiction story (1,000 words or less) and post it on their site. They then tweet the link with the hashtag #fridayflash and get to share their story with others in the group. It was started as an idea by Jon Strother a while back and has grown into a pretty cool community.

I don’t post often, as most of my writing time goes into things that I plan to sell and I don’t write a lot of flash these days, but I still have a stab now and then. My story, Decennial General Meeting, made it into the first group anthology, The Best Of Friday Flash Vol. 1. You can see all my Friday Flash related stuff by checking the Friday Flash category here.

Anyway, there’s a dedicated website now – – and they’ve started a new series of interviews called My Path To Publishing. In their words, “This series will feature writers’ stories and their experiences on the many different paths to publication.”

They picked me for the inaugural interview, so if you’re interested you can find that chat here. I’m giving away a signed book as part of the thing too, so get over there and have a look.