Word reader Stormy recently put me onto a site called Pages Unbound. It’s a website that’s been set up specifically to showcase online serial fiction and to act as a directory for people to find quality serials on the Web. The site lists its mission statement as:

Pages Unbound primarily exists for two eminently complementary reasons:

* To help online authors find an audience.
* To help readers find literature on the internet.

Sound simple enough?

Of course, fulfilling those purposes may also bring about other desirable side effects, including

* Allowing more people to make a living as independent writers.
* Fostering a love of literature in people who primarily read blogs and webcomics.
* Encouraging more people to take up the quill keyboard and start writing.

It always gives me a warm feeling inside when I find things like this. People helping to promote each other’s work, especially when it’s done as slickly and professionally as this, is a wonderful thing to see. Go and check out the site and see what else is there – there really is some quality stuff listed in their directory.

You can find the listing for my online serial, A ‘Verse Full of Scum, by clicking here – click on the Stories tab and it’s right there. If you can’t see it straight away, put “verse” in the Search box. If you would be kind enough to leave a review I’m sure you’d get some good karma for your trouble.

Thanks for the heads up, Stormy.