In very sad news for the blooking and online serial community, the Pages Unbound website may be closing down. For those that don’t know, PU is one of the best online portals to find free fiction and serials – my own serial, A ‘Verse Full of Scum, is on there and quite well rated. I get a decent amount of traffic from the site and I spend a fair amount of time there myself, checking out the competition. I mean, enjoying the work of my fellow writers.

You can read about the possible closure here. Drop a comment and have your say if you’d like to see it saved (as in, taken over rather than deleted).

In the article linked above there is talk of the Web Fiction Guide website. I’ve had a look there and it’s a great site. I’ve submitted VFoS for inclusion there, so I’ll let you know if they accept it.

It’ll be very sad if Pages Unbound does go under, so here’s hoping someone takes it on.