Halinka Orszulok, my wife, is a superb artist. Of course, I can see where some people would spot some room for bias in my opinion. But don’t take my word for it, others agree.

The lastest issue of Australian Art Collector magazine has run a feature called ‘Undiscovered Artists’ (Issue 36, April – June 2006). By undiscovered they are referring to “artists whom, while currently unrepresented, undiscovered or unknown, are ready to shine.” They selected just ten artists from all over Australia. Halinka was one of the NSW artists chosen. High praise indeed from one of Australia’s most influential art magazines.

Each artist got a feature page with an image of their work and a blurb all about them. Here’s Halinka’s page:

It would seem that Halinka’s star is indeed rising. She’ll also be featured in an interview about her art with Australian fashion magazine RUSSH in the near future.

You’d better be quick and buy her work while you can still afford it. It’s got to be a sound investment now. There’s a link to her site in the sidebar on the right.