So you may remember that I was very saddened to lose my long-serving coffee mug. I lamented at length here. Many people were very supportive and offered me much appreciated condolences. I used the tragedy to order myself a new Aperture Science mug from the Valve store. But I’m sure you’ve by now looked at the picture to the left and thought, “Fuck me, that’s a sumbitch of a mug!” And you’re right. It really is. I have to thank the awesome Brendan Jones for the very generous gift of that knuckle-duster mug. I’ve been working a lot with Jonesy lately on the development of Leornian, a videogame for the education sector. You can find Jonesy on Twitter at @jonesytheteacher

Seriously, how brutal is that mug? It’s the kind of mug that punches caffeine directly into your face and then drags your brain down a dark alley to roll it for words and loose change. I’m almost a little bit afraid of the damn thing. Or, I would be if I wasn’t so hardcore. It’s a big mug too, holding a proper writer’s serving of coffee. Here I am, very happy with my new mug.

One of my favourite aspects of this new caffeine receptacle is the small print on the base that says. “THIS IS NOT A WEAPON.” Oh, really? I beg to differ. I could seriously fuck a dude up with this thing. And so now to fire up and churn out word babies soaked in recently bashed coffee.