You thought the Bill Henson “scandal” over here was a bit of an overkill? Sure, I find his images morally questionable, being that they are actual photographs of naked children, but this poor bastard is facing five years for reading a Manga comic: Christopher Handley and the obscenity trial – via Neil Gaiman’s blog.

And on a completely unrelated note, but a very interesting one, slashdot is reporting that robot soliders would be better than human ones. Not the obvious, being better at fighting and surviving, but actually more ethical. It’s a pretty solid argument when you think about it. Plus, if both sides were using robots, it could look pretty funny, given that robots currently look like this:

When they should really look more like this:

Also from slashdot recently we have other scientific news that reminds us that science fiction isn’t all about the future any more, in the form of nanotech fabric that can’t get wet and the ethical question of whether or not we should clone neanderthals, simply because we can. I’m reminded of that great line in the first Jurassic Park movie where Jeff Goldblum’s character observes, “Everybody was so busy wondering if they could, they didn’t stop to think whether or not they should.” I paraphrase as I can’t be bother checking the exact quote.

Anyway, I’d say there are plenty of neanderthals still around, like the arsehole that stole the number plate and rego off my bike at the weekend. Come on, scientists, bring back something cool like a sabre toothed tiger.