Personalised licence plates on cars are things that usually really annoy me. You often have these souped up cars driven by boy racers that still live at home with their mum. They’re about nineteen years old, still on their P-plates and driving forty thousand dollars worth of car. Just one example of today’s easy credit mentality. Their number plates usually say things like UNV-ME (sure we do, little man) and DOMIN8TOR (you wish). They often try to convince everyone that they’re sex gods with plates like PL4YER and LUV M4CHNE. There’s nothing like a personalised plate to make spelling optional. Obviously, something like M45TRB8TOR would be more accurate. You also get the female equivalent with plates like PMS 24-7 and S3XY.

Sometimes it’s as simple as people doing the equivalent of sewing a name tag into their underpants with plates like W4YNE or K8TE.

Then there’s the people that celebrate their profession with things like PRO5PER for the corporate high achiever in his BMW or SP4RKY for the proud electrician’s ute.

There are also the plain funny or clever, like NGGA PLZ, I 8A BABY and the truly Australian L8R M8. Every one of these is a real number plate incidentally (except M45TRB8TOR , sadly).

Why am I bringing this up at all? Well, I was driving home from a Kung Fu class this morning and pulled up at the lights behind a car that had probably the most honest personalised plate I’ve ever seen:

Fat Cow

You have to respect that. Drop in a comment if you’ve seen any good ones in your time.