So we’ve finally sorted out all the problems and the new website is up and running. Huge thanks to my friend, Michael Fridman, for his help. And to James and Sam Frost for their help in the past and recently. The new theme and style is pretty cool, I think. As far as I know, the site is 99% operational. I’m aware of a couple of broken links on the Crow Shine page, but otherwise everything should be working fine. If you find any broken links, or pages that don’t load and so on, please do let me know. I really hope you don’t!

Meanwhile, enjoy, and come chat with me on social media. Those little icons along the top of the page are quick links to my Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.

I’ve decided not to catch up on missed blogging, as so much has happened. High points are winning the Australian Shadows Award for Best Collected Work for Crow Shine, being a finalist in three categories in the Aurealis Awards (Three! What the actual fuck?) Though I didn’t win any of those, I was up for Best Collection for Crow Shine, Best Horror Novella for “Served Cold”, and Best Fantasy Novella for “Raven’s First Flight”. Amazing. “Served Cold” was also a finalist for the Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction. And now Crow Shine is a finalist in Best Collected Work in the Ditmar Awards. Just wonderful. So if you’re eligible to vote in the Ditmars, please do! Another recent high point was being a Guest of Honour at Swancon in Perth, which was huge fun.

I do plan to get back to blogging all the interesting stuff again now that I finally have a working site back, so check in from time to time. However, if you want regular updates of new stuff that’s happening, sign up for my email newsletter. It only goes out once a month, if that. Go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom there for the sign up form. I won’t spam you or sell your details, I promise.