Well, it’s not really a new short story. It was published in Op-Ed Magazine back in March this year and I made a post about it then and directed you all to have a look if you were interested. However, I’ve just added it to the Dark Shorts page here on my site as well.

I’ve also updated all the shorts so that instead of each story being a seperate pdf file they’ve each got their own page right here. Obviously, now you can’t download pdf files any more, but the whole thing seems tidier, I think. If you’re really keen to download any of the stories for your own perusal, I suppose you can always copy and paste them into a Word document or something like that. However, please remember that they’re all Copyright. I’m more than happy for you to share my work around, in fact, I actively encourage it and thanks very much, but I would really prefer it if you directed people here when you recommend any stories rather than make copies.

So, enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think by way of comments or emails.