I was reading the comics in the Sydney Morning Herald today and this made me do a little nerdsnort.

In case you can’t read it – it doesn’t scan well for some reason – it says:

Her – Well, so far, Joe, you’re acing the pre-marriage questionnaire
Him – Yes!

Her – But I have to warn you, the next question is sort of a Kobayashi Maru…
Him – Ah, but I don’t believe in no-win scenarios!

You can see it.

Her – You just lost points for so easily getting that geeky “Star Trek” reference
Him – Oooh… That was sneaky.

The trouble is, I did my little nerdsnort when I read her part in panel 2, then got a bit subdued at panel 4. I’d have lost points too.

For those non-Trekkies reading, here’s the explanation you’ll be requiring.

EDIT: Here’s the proper one from today’s gocomics – Non Sequitur