Help me! I’m lost in a world of newborn baby and trippy sleep-deprivation. Honestly, it really is no joke that this is the hardest job most people will ever do. Especially the poor breast-feeding mother. However, in an attempt to keep some focus on real life, I’m trying to stay abreast of affairs in the real world. And I noticed that this week is National Short Story Week. Do a Google search and you’ll find some interesting articles and things. I’m still doing my short story challenge (to see if I can read 365 short stories in 365 days) and I’m happy to say I’ve hit my target. The year I chose officially ends at the end of this month (November) so I’ll update the page with all the stories and numbers then.

Meanwhile, here’s the page where I link to all my short stories that available to read online. Go and check them out and, while you’re there, read some of the other amazing stories those great online magazines publish. Or if you prefer to listen to your short fiction, here’s a page of my work that’s been podcast. And if you scroll down that page, you’ll find a list of several fantastic short fiction podcast magazines that are well worth your listening time.

Because short stories are brilliant and take so little time to enjoy – during your commute, your lunch break, a quick moment to yourself before bed and so on. Go on, get into some short fiction. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, rocking this bassinet with a slightly wide-eyed and manic grin om my face.