This is something I’ve been meaning to get around to looking at for ages and I’ve finally followed up on it. The Australian Horror Writers Association has put together a very interesting challenge that involves horror, loads of great writers, a competition and a bit of philanthropy, plus a great prize. You can’t argue with that.

Basically, numerous great Australian speculative fiction writers have each added a section to a single story, started by Felicity Dowker. The penultimate part was penned by Sean Williams. The challenge is this: write the end and give it a name.

Writers are being invited to read the story, ingest its horrific content, and write a suitable conclusion. The six best endings submitted will be featured on the HorrorScope site and Ramsay Campbell will select the winner. The comp is open till the 13th March 2010. There’s a AU$10 entry fee, but all the proceeds from the competition will go to Paul Haines and his family to help him battle cancer. It’s worth your ten bucks too. Apart from the obvious warm and fuzzy you’ll get for doing something nice, there’s a pretty massive prize pool on offer, including a cheque for $500. That’s right, piles of books and cashmoney. Get writing, ya hacks!

All the details here.

(And yes, I’m entering. Come on, I challenge you!)