I’m very happy to announce that the Gryphonwood Press editions of my books are now available. The newly edited RealmShift and MageSign can be bought direct from Gryphonwood or, more easily, get them through Amazon.

At Amazon you can find RealmShift here and MageSign here, both just $9.99 each. There are also Kindle editions of both and Smashwords editions of both for those ebook lovers among you. You can also use any of the links here as I’ve updated them all now. Click on a book cover for info.

Also (wait, there’s more!), as a Gryphonwood author, I have my very own little discussion forum on their site. You can find that here if you’re interested.

I feel like I should be giving away some steak knives or something. Please do spread the word that these books are available and you’ll not only be supporting my writing (for which I’m eternally grateful) but small press in general. If you like the books, buy them as gifts for your friends – Amazon will even gift wrap them for you – recommend them, suggest them for book clubs and so on. If it’s an online book club I’ll be happy to join in the discussions.

Thanks again for all your support so far, and on into the future. It’s the people that make the difference these days. And thanks to Gryphonwood Press for taking me on board.