You may have noticed that the picture of me in the banner above has changed again. This is one of those random things that just turns out well. A Kung Fu buddy of mine, Louise, took this picture completely on the fly with her iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. It’s funny how we now have the kind of technology in the iPhone that makes Star Trek devices look naff, and then we load it up with complicated applications designed to replicate a simpler, analogue era.

Anyway, I just happened to really like this picture. It’s weird and unusual, which suits me, and it has a good light burst behind me that makes it all look quite mysterious. I tried it out on my Facebook author page and someone said:

“You look like your [sic] standing over a dead body – and I’m it! 😛 Whether you’re the killer or police at the crime scene, I cannot tell…”

That sold it to me. Oh yes, I like that kind of ambiguity. I hope you like the pic too.