I mentioned a few days ago about the Harper Collins project, Authonomy. Well, it seems that RealmShift is creating a bit of interest there, now at rank 431 having started ranked over 2,000. Not bad for a week’s work.

MageSign is generating less interest, even though it’s the newer book, because people there are focussing on the first book, as MageSign is a sequel. Of course, that makes perfect sense, especially as there’s only the first three chapters of each posted on Authonomy, same as here and everywhere else. I still want you all to go and buy the books from Amazon!

However, if you feel so inclined, head over to Authonomy and see if you can’t help RealmShift up the charts a bit more. I’m interested to see just where this might lead. Although, to be honest, having put so much effort into Blade Red Press and getting these books out, I’m not sure I’d want a traditional publishing offer now. I’m so pleased with RealmShift and MageSign in their latest incarnation that I’d be reluctant to change anything at the moment.

Nah, bollocks. Who am I kidding? I’m really pleased to be promoting my books and Blade Red, but if Harper Collins offered to publish me I’d be a fool to turn it down. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Get over to Authonomy and get involved. And if you’re a writer, the community there is really good for honest, critical feedback, which is the best kind. Put your own work up and see what happens. Let me know if you get involved.