Some of you may be aware of my broad and ecclectic taste in music, others may not. However, one of the things that I’ve always had a passion for is powerful, ball tearing, throat ripping heavy metal. I’m also a massive fan of all sorts of other genres and I think that Pink Floyd are the greatest band that’s ever been. But metal has always been something that moves me. I like the music I listen to to be emotive and powerful. Power can come from the quietest space between two perfect notes or from the sonic assault of thrash metal. I’m not precious about it.


Anyway, as metal is such a passion for me, I’m very happy to say that I’ve got involved as a contributing writer over at The name says it all really. MaF is an online metal zine and community. From their press release:

Metal as Fuck is the world’s most obliterating metal magazine. Unlike all other metal ezines and online metal communities, and especially unlike others produced in Australia, Metal as Fuck has a truly global, integrative focus, and will bring about the first ever on-the-ground interaction between bands, fans, and the industry.

Since going live on Friday 13 March 2009, Metal as Fuck has gained thousands and thousands of page impressions – and is set to become your only logical place to go for all things metal.

Produced by prominent and gutsy Australian house, Brascoe Publishing, who are rapidly moving to the top seat in independent Australian publishing – and edited by one of the country’s prominent music industry educators, tour and metal label rep, and publicist Kelli Wright – Metal as Fuck will features writers from all over the world. From correspondents in the USA and Europe, to local columnists – including metal supermodel Sam McSatan – and with some of Australia’s best metal journalists on board, the content for Metal as Fuck is brutal, new, and relevant to metalheads all over the world.

That last line is where I come in (I’m not saying I’m among Australia’s best journalists or anything, but you know…) I’ve already posted a couple of reviews over there – one for the new Inevitable End album and one for the new Cauldron album. I’ll be working a lot with these guys, so I’ll let you know when reviews, articles, whatever are coming out. So if you’re a metal fan, head on over there and join in with the community. The place is gonna rock.