Well, it’s finally here. After all the waiting and promises you can finally buy MageSign, the sequel to RealmShift, through Amazon.com and all the various Amazon sites around the world. The new edition of RealmShift is also available.

RealmShift and MageSign

You can search at your local Amazon store or click on the covers above for all the relevant info and buy buttons. You can also find all the information at the official Blade Red Press website, which is now up and running.

We’re currently organising for stock of both books to come into Australia in order to supply the local fans and the Australian bookstores that are so kind as to support independent press releases, but this will take a little while longer. If you’re in Australia and not keen to purchase through Amazon, you could wait for that. Given the state of the Australian dollar right now, the combination of exchange rate and shipping into Australia makes it a bit outrageous for people here to use Amazon at the moment. Amazon sales to Australia are cheaper through amazon.co.uk than through amazon.com, but still not ideal. And no, the irony of this whole situation isn’t lost on me. But remember, we live in the greatest country on Earth and have all the advantages of wide open spaces and a very low population. It’s our blessing and our curse.

Anyway, anyone in the rest of the world can get the books for a great price online. Aussie people can either go through Amazon or wait until the books hit our shores, which will hopefully be fairly soon. Or you can have someone you know overseas buy the books locally and post them to you for Christmas. Can you imagine a better Christmas present? Actually, I can – a local amazon.com.au. We can live in hope.

Enjoy the books and be sure to let me know what you think.

(By the way, please share this page with anyone you know, link to it from your blogs and so on. Please help me spread the word!)