As I mentioned a day or two ago, this week is Read An E-Book Week. To celebrate, I’ve released MageSign as an e-book through Smashwords and on the Amazon Kindle.

MageSign at Smashwords is here.

MageSign on Kindle is here.


The Kindle version is still waiting for all its details to be updated by Amazon, so bookmark the page if you’d like that edition. The Smashwords version, in a further Read An E-Book Week promotion, is available half price for this week only. RealmShift is also available half price from Smashwords this week. So that’s both my novels for the price of one – I sound like a bad car advertisement on late night television. The e-books at Smashwords are usually US$3.50 each, so now you can get them at US$1.75 each until the end of the week.

The Kindle edition is priced at US$3.99, but Amazon usually do an automatic discount on RRP. (RealmShift is available on Kindle for US$3.19, for example, even though its RRP is also US$3.99).

Also, don’t forget that both books are available in print from your local Amazon, B&N online, Booktopia and so on, as well as direct from me or my indie publisher Blade Red Press. Check on the Novels page (button on the left) for all the details. Two great books, so many purchase options. How can you go wrong?

Anyway, get out there and read an e-book. One of mine ideally.