It’s true, I can’t deny it. I love markets with stalls selling all kinds of old kak. I love festivals where you get the inevitable stalls of tie-dye and incense and models of elves nursing tiny dragons. And I love towns like Berry, not far from where I live, that has shops full of hippy kak. Pendants and tarot decks, angels and fairies, colourful clothes and bags with OMs on them. You can find these awesome pressed leather notepads, with funky Celtic designs tooled around the edges. I saw some today with dragons on them, that would have been awesome except the dragons were upside-down. Or the book was from Asia, maybe…

But it is a slice of fantasy to explore shops like that. It’s both ridiculous and charming. One thing today that did make me laugh was this. In a cabinet of “Genuine Magickal Amulets” (by which I question their use of the word genuine) I saw this:

In case it’s hard to read, it says that this is an “ABRACA TRIANGLE” and it’s “For Unexpected Good Fortune”. Now, call me cynical, but if you bought that pendant, and it worked, then any good fortune would hardly be unexpected. Unless you didn’t expect the pendant to work, then got some good fortune. Or perhaps… you see my problem with this particular bit of hippy kak.

Then again, it’s in the same store that sells this bumper sticker:

So they clearly have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. Listen to children? Everything would be mad if we listened to kids.

Still, I do love a bit of old hippy kak nonetheless.