For the bibliophiles among you, and I would like to think that applied to all the readers here, I’ve found a treat for you. Some clever soul has designed an online bookshelf for people to catalogue their entire library. It’s called ‘Library Thing’. Remarkably imaginative really. You can search by ISBN, author, etc. for all your books and you can view them as a virtual shelf with cover images from Amazon. Ingenious.

It’s quite an addictive process as adding books is really very easy. I’ve barely scratched the surface with my collection, but it’s a fun start. If you check the sidebar on the right you’ll see that I’ve copied some code from the Library Thing site which shows a random selection of my books each time you access the page. The code is there in various formats, so you can pick one for your own site.

It’s pretty irrelevant in the greater scheme, but a fun plaything nonetheless.

You can find it at Have fun!