I’m very happy to report that my new short story, All the Wealth in the World, will be in the inaugural issue of a new digital magazine from Dagan Books called Lakeside Circus. It’s a short-form speculative fiction magazine, published quarterly. Beginning late in 2013, the mag will be for sale in multiple ebook formats, and then most of the content will be released online over the course of three months (free to read). Readers can subscribe, purchase the individual ebooks, or wait for the free content to appear on the site.

Lakeside Circus aims to publish 200,000 words of new flash fiction, short stories and poetry every year. They’re currently running a subscription drive to get the word out. If you subscribe now, you can get the first year for only $20. Even better, if you purchase your subscription before November 15, the first issue will be delivered a week early. Before anyone else can buy the magazine or begin to read online, you’ll have an entire quarter’s worth of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, including work by:

Dean Fracis Alfar, C.S.E. Cooney, Trevor Shikaze, Ada Hoffmann, Mike Allen, Alan Baxter, Lucas Ahlsen, Cate Gardner, Jill Corddry, Rachael Acks, Conor Powers-Smith, Andrew Williams, Lisa Bradley, John Murphy, Dan Campbell, Gitte Christensen, Megan Arkenberg, Rich Larson, Jon Arthur Kitson, David Sklar, Andrew Gilstrap, FJ Bergmann, Virginia Mohlere, Michael Haynes, John Skylar, HL Fullerton, Sofia Samatar, Eric Rosenfield, Jamie Lackey, Bonnie Stufflebeam, Bryan Thao Worra, and more!

(That’s my own self-indulgent bit of bolding up there.)

You can learn more here: http://lakesidecircus.com/