Amazon seem to have finally started catching up with their backlog of emails and I’m happy to say that the Kindle editions of RealmShift and MageSign are available again. The price now matches the Smashwords and DriveThru price of US$2.89 each. That’s less than a cup of coffee! It also looks like they’ve kicked in this bloody stupid region coding plan, so if you’re looking from Australia, for example, you won’t see pricing information and there’s a nice green box telling you that you can’t have a copy. Of course, in that case you just go to Smashwords and buy DRM-free Kindle compatible editions from there. Seriously, Amazon just do not get it sometimes.

However, there’s also talk of Amazon rolling the Kindle reader out to other countries very soon, at least including the UK and Aus. When that happens, given that we have no, I’m interested to see how they handle this situation. Time will tell.

You can find the Amazon Kindle editions of RealmShift here and MageSign here. Tell your friends.