RealmShift has just received another great review. This time from the good people at TCM Reviews. You can read it here.

There’s something really satisfying about other people enjoying what I write. Far beyond the obvious rewards of selling more books, it’s enormously gratifying to see other people enjoying a story that I chose to tell.

I love reading. I always have. I remember being a kid and staying up way too late, reading just one more chapter of one novel or another. And I still do that today. Reading and being transported by truly great storytelling is what fundamentally inspired me to be a writer. The thought that other people can now be offered that kind of escapism by my own work is something that simple sales figures will never be able to overshadow.

Work is progressing well on the sequel to RealmShift. I’m sure it will be a while yet before the first draft is finished, let alone a finished novel that I’m prepared to publish, but it’s on its way. If you enjoyed RealmShift, watch this blog for updates on when the next one will be out. If you haven’t read RealmShift yet, what are you waiting for!