I was walking past my favourite church yesterday. It’s my favourite purely because of the ridiculous signs they always put up. They’ve surpassed themselves this time.

This church is not full of hypocrites.
There’s always room for more.

The sign is qualified by a quote at the bottom which reads, “Romans 3:10 ‘No one is righteous – not even one.'”

At first this seems to be quite progressive and tongue in cheek from the church. But it’s not really. Admitting to something doesn’t mitigate you from being guilty of it. It’s like when people say something like, “No offence, but you’re a really dumb bastard.” Whenever anyone starts a sentence with the words ‘No offence’, you know right away that they’re going to be offensive.

There’s another one like that. “I’m not racist…”

But you’re about to make a really racist comment, right?

So to me, the sign above is doing exactly what I’ve always accused the church of anyway. Blatantly advertising for more hypocrites as they don’t feel that they have enough yet. Gather ye, hypocrites and willfully ignorant, and we shall stand on moral high ground and thumb our noses at those with a free thinking mind.