You’d think that some things are just common sense and don’t require legislating. But, of course, there are a lot of people out there that seem to have had their common sense surgically removed. It must have been removed, because even a fly seems to be born with more common sense than some of these people have. And then their particular brand of idiocy (due most likely to a combination of alcohol, drugs and incestuous conception) affects everyone around them. When people are idiots, everyone suffers.

I saw this on one of the motorcycle forums that I loiter about on regularly. I thought it was very funny:


The third line struck me as odd. Americans seem to have something of an aversion to self-protection, allowing anyone to ride without a helmet. But it’s interesting that under 18s are required to wear one by law. Why not everyone? Or are they suggesting that the helmet must be under 18?

It is, of course, the last line that causes the real mirth. By law, handlebars must be below shoulder height. This is due to the propensity for those folks I mentioned before (the idiots, remember?) to ignore their own safety and that of all the people around them by turning their motorcycle into something less than safe. We call the type of handlebars these fools enjoy ‘apehangers’. Surely, I hear you cry, it’s not that bad? Surely these people are just engaging in some harmless self-expression and it really can’t make that much of an impact? How unsafe can it be that it needs an actual law passed about it?

Idiots, remember?


(Thanks to pete and cookeetree at netrider).