A recent comment by Leticia prompted me to investigate this rapidly expanding urban legend. According to many websites and news wires, there is talk that the brilliant Batman movie The Dark Knight is one of those cursed flicks that crop up every once in a while. Remember Poltergeist? What about the Superman curse? Well, now it’s the turn of the Bat.

The obvious start of all this was Heath Ledger’s tragic death after his fantastic turn as the Joker. Subsequently, Christian bale was arrested following an argument with his family (hardly tragic and a fairly weak effort by “the curse” there) and now, to really fuel the flames of conspiracy, Morgan Freeman has had a terrible car accident. Less newsworthy, as he wasn’t famous, was the death of Conway Wickliffe, a New Zealand-born special effects technician who died while working on the film. (The movie was dedicated to both Ledger and Wickliffe).

So, is there a curse? Or is it just like spotting giraffes in the clouds if you look long enough. Or Jesus on a toasted cheese sandwich? As with all these things, there’s as much evidence against a curse as for one, but no curse is not nearly as much fun. There’s even been talk of terrible things befalling people that go to see the movie. So how does that explain all the people that saw the movie and then had something really cool happen to them?

For a really deep look at the subject, check out this Cryptomundo article, that even looks closely at the Joker’s business card used only in the trailers. (Insert X-Files whistling theme tune here.)