Remember yesterday I mentioned that I was going to see Neil Gaiman at a Q & A session in the city? Turns out it was a reservations only event. I should have known really, given how popular he is. I’ve had the thing noted down in my diary for weeks, but never thought to check if I would need a ticket or a reservation. Oh well. It gave me a chance to have a wander about in Kinokuniya, which is a pretty cool book shop. That just cost me money though, as I can’t wander around a book shop for long without buying things. Books mainly.

As a consolation I met my wife for an Indian dinner. It was very nice, but not really the same as possibly getting to meet Neil Gaiman. Maybe I should just revert to my old punk ways and remember the maxim “Burn The Bible, Kill Your Idols!” Yeah. Who needs ’em.

Gaiman’s doing a signing in Dymocks in the city at lunchtime today, but I have to work. Then he’s off to some other city. I suppose some things just aren’t meant to be. Maybe next time.

I was cheered up when I saw some signwriting hilarity today though. Remember the “Go USA!” guy. Here he is:

Well, I think we’ve found his mum: