After I wrote this blog post: The day I didn’t get to #1, and why, it seems kinda ironic and cool to be writing this one immediately afterwards. (And you just wait until you see the next post after this one.) But, for now I’m celebrating. HUGE thanks to everyone who got behind Served Cold on launch day yesterday. We had an epic day, and I landed that sweet #1 Best Seller tag after all. You can see all the launch shenanigans (including an excerpt from every story in the book) archived on the Facebook Event page here. Meanwhile, I’ll bask in these screenshots (click on them for a better resolution):

You’ll notice I held #1 and #8 in the Hot New Releases chart there, being for Kindle and paperback respectively. All this at the Australian store, of course. I’m still not a big enough hitter to smash these numbers at the US store, but one day I sure hope to be. So again, thank you to everyone for getting behind this book. I really hope you enjoy it if you bought it, and that you’ll give it a go if you haven’t grabbed it yet. If you do enjoy it, please tell your friends!