You may remember that earlier this year I was part of a horror writers duel over at House Of Horror, a UK based webzine. The premise was simple – two writers are given a theme and just a few days to write a 1,500 word story. Then those stories are published on the site and the site visitors vote for their favourite. The winner goes through to the next round to write again.

I was invited to take part won my first round. Unfortunately I had to pull out the following week and couldn’t defend till the end, so I only had the one story in. And no, I didn’t pull out because I was scared. My wife had a horse riding accident and ended up in hospital for a few days, so I was unable to write in the timeframe.

Anyway, all those duelling rounds have now been collected into an anthology and you can get it here. If you mention my name in your order, I’ll get an extra royalty. Which is nice. Scroll down to The Duel – Can You Defeat Death?, which is currently the third book down the list, if you’re interested. (Or, if you just want to read my yarn, that’s available right here.)