One of the greatest advocates of horror in the world is Sadie Hartmann. Known online as Mother Horror, she is a tireless reviewer and promoter. She runs Nightworms, which is an incredible subscription box service for horror fans, but it has also grown into something far bigger. It was Sadie’s birthday last weekend and she asked a bunch of us if we’d read something from our body of work on camera for her new Nightworms YouTube channel. Of course, we said yes. You always say yes to Mother Horror. She asked me to read from The Book Club, which I was more than happy to do. I’m super proud of that book and I feel like it didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time. PS Publishing produced an ebook and a gorgeous hardcover, with an amazing original cover by Ben Baldwin. There’s also a limited edition signed and numbered hardcover, with only 100 copies ever available. That one’s a bit expensive, but there will only ever be 100 of them. I think there are a few left. So anyway, here’s my reading for Sadie from The Book Club. I hope you enjoy it. And afterwards, click through to her channel and subscribe. There are loads of other awesome readings there now, and I bet Sadie will make that channel an absolute must-follow for horror fans.