Truth is so often stranger than fiction. In America the number of people dressing up in spandex and rubber and going out into the streets as real life superheroes is fast growing.

In an article in the Times Online we learn that “There are, according to the recently launched World Superhero Registry, more than 200 men and a few women who are willing to dress up as comic book heroes and patrol the urban streets in search of, if not super-villains, then pickpockets and bullies.”

But this quote from the article pretty much summed up the whole concept for me:

Artemis of San Diego reported on his blog that he had heard a woman screaming outside his home but by the time he had dressed up in his costume the police were already there.

Especially when you couple the above quote with this one:

“I was out every night, 8pm until 2am, hanging about all the bad corners and nothing happened, nada, zip,” recalled Mr Invisible. “It was raining: even the drug dealers were at home. And often cops are just too good at their jobs.”

Life ain’t like the funny books, kids.

Hat tip to Dogmatic for pointing out the article.