I’ve been using a fitball at my desk for years. It was an attempt to keep some kind of decent posture during all the hours I spend at my computer. What it actually did, however, was subsconciously teach me numerous ways to slump and slouch on a fitball. Bugger this, I thought. So I’ve just bought myself a late Xmas present.

It’s leather and everything. You know the most outrageous thing about it, though? Given that we have an old house with wooden floors, I thought I’d better get one of those vinyl mats to protect the floorboards. The mat cost more than the chair!

That’s just weird.

And yes, those boxes by the desk are from when we moved in here, well over a year ago. That’s all my books. It’s horrible that they’re still in boxes. I really must get around to building those bookshelves I keep talking about.