At Worldcon I was lucky enough to be asked to do a reading of my work. I was also lucky in that I was able to share that reading session with Helen Lowe. Helen is an awesome author from New Zealand and she read from her forthcoming book The Heir Of Night. Well, that book launches in Australia and New Zealand today. I’m looking forward to reading it – the excerpt she read at Worldcon really caught my interest.

As part of her launch party she’s arranged for a series of guest posts at her blog, with F&SF authors from all over Australia and New Zealand posting about why writing F&SF rocks their world. I get to be first cab off the rank and my post about why I love F&SF goes up tomorrow. In the meantime, check Helen’s site to see the great list of awesome people she’s got visiting over the next few weeks. Also today there are book giveaways and all sorts of cool things happening.

I’ll post a reminder tomorrow about my guest spot, but check out the site today, as it’s launch day and there’s loot to be won!