Following on from yesterday’s post about, I thought I’d keep the blog busy this month with some stuff about other good reading and writing websites. 1ChapterFree is a good place to have a read of the first chapter of books you might think about buying or to post the first chapter of your own book if you’re after exposure. And who isn’t? The site has a long way to go, but it’s off to a good start and the premise is sound. is more like a library and is a lot more finely finished as a website. You can set up a profile there and have a bookshelf of all the books you’ve read or are reading. You can rate the books, write reviews for the books and so on. There’s a friend system so that you can hook up with other readers and see what’s on their shelves. There are also lots of groups you can join and have discussions.

Basically, it’s the usual social networking idea, just set in a library this time. But you don’t have to keep your voice down. Check it out – it’s a slick site, good fun and you might find some interesting new reading over there. Here’s my profile on the site – hit me up with a friend request.