I’m very pleased to announce that my short story, “The Goodbye Message”, is now published and free to read online at the wonderful ticon4 e-zine. ticon4 is part of independent publisher Ticonderoga Publications, and publishes excellent fiction for free, through donations and book sales, as well as reviews, interviews and other bits and pieces.

“The Goodbye Message” is a story about a troubled writer who starts receiving messages he can’t explain or understand. Is he losing his mind?

This story came about because here at home we regularly get a message like the first one described in the story. The light on the answering machine is flashing, we press the button and get told, “You have one new message.” Then the message plays and it’s just a female voice saying, “Goodbye.”

We still have no idea why it happens, but presumably it’s some automated telemarketer bullshit, so we just ignore it. But it was a good seed for a story, and “The Goodbye Message” grew from that. I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve added the link to the Dark Shorts page, where you can find a lot more of my fiction if this one whets your appetite.