Not be mistaken for anything to do with flash fiction, Genre Flash 4 is a PDF magazine listing “The best Australian genre fiction and true crime.” It’s a 24 page magazine that lists all sorts of genre fiction novels and true crime books by Australians, along with a run down of the content, where you can find them and so on. It’s an informative little package.

There’s also an interview with Fiona McIntosh and an article called “A Passage To Neverland” by Stephen Lord.

Full colour, very slick and absolutely free. It’s worth a look. Also, if you can think of any book stores or libraries, reading clubs or anything along those lines that might be interested, please pass it on to them. The beauty of a PDF zine like this is that it’s easily shared. (Obviously, it goes without saying that my own books are listed in there, so that’s another reason I’m so keen for you to share it around!)

So find out what’s hot in “Crime, Mysteries, Thrillers, SF, Science & Speculative Fiction, Fantasy & Horror”.

Get your copy right here!
(Right click and Save As to download a copy – it’s about 1.7MB.)